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About Wildfire Honey

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What the Buzz is All About. It’s About Us.

Bees do it. And we take it from there. It’s honey on a whole new level.

That’s the starting point of how honey makes it to become Wildfire Honey. We start with organic wildflower honey that has been True Source Certified™. This gives you the assurance that our honey is ethically sourced and is pure, safe, and traceable from the hive to our jars.

We feel it’s our privilege to start with some of nature’s most luscious ingredients, which is why we never overpower our honey—we simply create new taste sensations in truly unique ways—so you can begin to incorporate honey and its natural levels of sweetness and savoriness to create your own unbelievable creations.

This is honey in a whole new direction. Which gives you a new flavor tool to take off with in all new directions. You’ll find our fusion honeys to be dipping sauces like no other. And with honey’s natural ability to take to the heat, your taste buds will not miss its introduction as a marinade for meats, fish, potatoes, and stews, as well as a topper on soups and salads.

Our Wildfire Honeys are fused with high-quality spices and sauces to create compound taste sensations like no other. It’s natural. It’s flavorful. It’s an experience.

Ingredients: 100% pure True Source Certified wildflower honey, Thai chilies, roasted garlic, natural spices.


  1. I absolutely love this honey!! I put it in my stir fry, on my fries and I use it as a dipping sauce.. This product is deeeeeee-licious!

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    How do we get a chance to quote on your packaging needs?

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